Dr. Gitlow and his associates provide four types of consulting services, they are:

  • Identifying the “best fit” management style for an organization given its structure and the personalities of its top management. “Best fit” management styles include Six Sigma management, Lean management, Deming management, Japanese Total Quality Control, TQM (Total Quality Management), and traditional Management by Objectives, as well as some combination of the above. A combination of the above may not be optimal for organizational performance, but the best that the top management of an organization can do in their current circumstance. 

  • Consultation with top management concerning the theory and practice of their “best fit” management style.

  • Development of organizational dashboards.

  • Consultation for project teams.

    All of Dr. Gitlow’s associates were trained using the University of Miami’s Six Sigma management and Lean Thinking courses or seminars, as well as being personally supervised by him through their project work.

Associates with their specialties


Master Black Belts

Scott Widener, Master Black Belt (Six Sigma, Lean)

Amy Zuo, Master Black Belt (Six Sigma)

Black Belts

Altug Ozeren, Black Belt (Six Sigma)

Rick Melnyck, Black Belt (Six Sigma)

Justin Montes, Black Belt (Six Sigma)



Please note that all rates are based on an 8 hours consulting day.

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