Over the past years 30 years something possessed me to save complementary notes I received from students. My web designer said that I should include testimonials on my website. So, given that motivation, I have selected a few extracts from some of these notes to share with you. I am very grateful to all of these students for their very kind words.

"Dr. Gitlow was my coach and consultant for 10 years in a quest to continuously improve University of Miami business processes. He taught and nurtured the work of over 200 of my colleagues during that time, and we clearly achieved our objectives of eliminating non-valued added work, reducing cycle times, saving money, improving customer satisfaction, and improving staff morale."
David A. Lieberman Senior Vice President for Business & Finance Emeritus University of  Miami 2008)

Yesterday’s class was very strong – I have at least 5 great ideas as a result of your lecture. I was writing so fast that my hand could not keep up! My only regret is that I did not take this class 4 years ago. I can only image where the company would be now as a result of this training.
(Nelson Haws, President and C.E.O., ACT Mortgage, 2006)

I am not quite sure how often it is that you meet a professor that actually changes your life. For the first time in my life, the things I have done, and am doing make sense. I feel that you are responsible for this kick start that has made this possible. (Marshall Willner, CPA, 1991).  ………….. It has been roughly 14 years since I sat in your class at UM…. I did my final project for your class applying the methodology to my personal life and the tough decisions I had to make after graduating.  The good news is, it worked.
(Marshall Willner, CPA, Private Practice, 2005)

I surveyed the staff this morning and their responses (to your seminar) are phenomenal. In fact this may have been the positive reaction that I have ever heard from an audience to an educational lecture, especially to a mandatory one given on a Saturday. I am told that some of the employees are even quoting your words today.
(Charles Pappas, OD, Director of Optometric Services, Bascom Palmer Eye Institute, 2004)

Your class was the most enjoyable class I have EVER taken in my entire life. It is certainly the most useful information that I have ever received in the MBA program and will certainly enhance my life.
(Bob Dozois, Regional Market Manager Vanguard Products Group, 2002)

Of all the things I learned during the course of my MBA, I use the concepts you taught … more than anything else. It is amazing how the “System of Profound Knowledge” continues to affect how I view the world. A person who enjoys their work is a joy to work with!
(Jason Skier, Attorney at Law, 2001)

My career, with AT&T, has significantly advanced since the completion of my (Quality Management) degree. I have received a promotion and formal recognition for my quality expertise.
(Renee Vujakovich, Process Manager, AT&T, 1997)

I am writing because you changed my life. Had it not been for your persistent encouragement, I would never have sought the path that I have taken.
(Allison Langer, Allison Langer Photography President, 1995)

I sincerely hope that you enjoy my seminars and classes as much as the students quoted above.



I have been very fortunate to have had the opportunity to consult in an extremely wide variety of industries, they incl

universities, consulting firms, city governments, healthcare organizations, insurance companies, utilities, and 
manufacturing and service organizations. A list of clients is shown below.


  • University of Miami

  • University of Cincinnati

  • Kaplan University

Consulting Firms

  • USCCG Consulting Company

  • BlueFire Consulting Company

  • Process Management International

City Governments

  • City of Coral Gables, FL

  • City of Miami Beach, FL

  • City of Columbus, GA

Healthcare Organizations

  • Jackson Memorial Hospital

  • Boca Raton Community Hospital

  • North Ridge Medical Center

Insurance companies

  • State Farm Insurance Company

  • Employers Health Insurance Company


  • Wisconsin Public Service Corporation

  • Bell Canada

Manufacturing organizations

  • IBM

  • Carrier Corporation

  • Hoechst-Celanese Corporation

  • Cleveland Pneumatic

  • MeadWestvaco Corporation

  • Owens-Illinois

Service organizations

  • ACT Mortgage

  • VISA

  • Atlantis Submarine

  • American Express

  • N.A.B.I.

  • First Union Bank

  • Field of Flowers