Management Science is the discipline that integrates the theory and practice of Statistics and Operations Research into Management. Six Sigma management is extremely popular style of Management in the manufacturing, service, government, military, health care and education sectors of the economy.

The following courses are offered towards Six Sigma certification within the Management Science department of the School of Business Administration at the University of Miami in lovely Coral Gables, Florida.

MAS 633: Introduction to Quality Management

This course introduces the major elements of Dr. Deming's theory of management, as well as “Six Sigma” theory, tools and methods.  These tools and methods have been adopted with great success by many of the largest organizations in the world, for example, Motorola, General Electric, Johnson & Johnson, Allied Signal, Dupont, American Express, J.P. Morgan, HSBC Bank, University of Miami, to name a few. 

MAS 634: Administrative Systems for Quality Management

This course presents a model to pursue Six Sigma management. It features the administrative systems and structures necessary for the successful promotion of Six Sigma management. 

MAS 635: Design of Experiments for Managers

This course will present tools and methodology useful in conducting experiments in a business setting. Emphasis will be on the knowledge required for proper application of these methods through many examples in business and Six Sigma management.

MAS 636: Statistical Process Control for Managers

This course introduces the fundamental concepts of statistical process control in the context of Six Sigma management. The course focuses on control charts and other process improvement and innovation tools and methods.  All the tools and techniques discussed are used in Six Sigma management to monitor and improve processes. Many real life Six Sigma case studies will be examined to enhance the student’s learning experience.

MAS 637: Applied Regression Analysis

This course familiarizes the student with statistical prediction. It covers simple and multiple regression methods. The course emphasizes the application of these methods in Six Sigma management.

MAS 638: Management Science Consulting

The purpose of this course is to enhance student’s consulting skills in management science, including choosing appropriate tools for analysis and developing the communication skills necessary to present quantitative and analytic material in business settings. The course is structured around a set of case studies that are based on real application of management science models and methods.

The above applied courses have been designed especially for MBA students and focus on solutions to business problems that need modeling and problem solving skills, and expertise beyond what is available in the core MBA curriculum. A concentration in Management Science requires taking four MAS electives. The choice of electives can be made to acquire proficiency in a particular track.

Students taking the following courses can sit for the Six Sigma certification examinations:

Champion:                    MAS 633 and 634

Green Belt:                   MAS 633, 634, 635, and 636

Black Belt:                    MAS 633, 634, 635, 636, 637, and 638

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